Selective Pallete Racking System

Adjustable Rack

Product  Features

  • Customized racks optimally designed to meet your specific requirements
  • Solid and robust construction
  • Easy assembly with only a few components (plug-in system)
  • Frame loading capacity of up to 30 T, Accommodates desired tonnage as per user requirements.
  • Single or double-deep storage possible
  • Narrow-aisle or broad-aisle storage
  • Single and multi-storage designs
  • Wooden / Steel Panel / Wiremesh Decking options available.

Our Selective/Adjustable Pallete Racking Systems are specially formulated for extra strength and durability and have a superior load capacity.This is due to the second rolling stage performed on the box beams by crimping them into a permanent fixed position.

Our End Frames range from Extra Light Duty to Extra Heavy duty (3 tons to 24 tons) and may be bolted or welded depending on the clients requirements. We also produce various bolted racking systems for local and export markets. All systems are fully adjustable and have add on capability both in length and height. A full range of accessories are available e.g. Clip over decks, drum supports, backstop and bumper beams, back-to-back ties and timber decks. Loading capacities are made to client specific requirements.